Magical Places

Magical Places – where meditation happens

Magical places – the work of outstanding people or characteristics of natural landscapes, rock formations, forests, springs.

What makes certain places in nature or behind old walls magical? There are places that radiate something very special. Feel such a place!

magical places

Usually you need some effort to meditate. There are places where meditation happens. That doesn’t mean everyone will feel it. You need some practice and a certain openness. But meditation is much easier there.

I don’t think the present moment just disappears into the dark hole of the past. When you open up for a place, when the ordinary thoughts come to rest, images will appear, feelings, something touches you. You will feel what happened at this place in the past.

This energy is difficult to describe. Such a magical place arises by the work of outstanding masters, authentic acts, miracles.

Places where many people prayed. I think of the cathedral where Francis of Assisi is buried, and also of some small rooms in ancient Romanesque churches, of places dedicated to Holy Mary, where sometimes also pre-Christian goddesses were worshipped.

Something like a distance sound, or pale waves in front of your eyes, a circle of light, colors in a fog. Deep breathing, no thoughts any more, a certain clarity for seconds. Places to which so many people directed their prayers, their hopes, devotions, desires – in despair, in love – again and again. Places where people meditate, concentrate their power, where prayers are stored – small, dark rooms with remains of saints.

Such a place drinks the peace, the silence, the power, the deep meditation, the gratitude, happiness, bliss of the many – and radiates it. The whole environment, every stone, every leaf, every bird, supports you, naturally, almost without effort.

This silence, this rest, this happyness without words. This more-is-not-needed. It’s perfect. This I-am-in-Gods-hand. There is nothing to do. This Christian certainty: God protects me. It’s good.

And there are special places in nature with a different kind of magic. A lonely place on a mountains top, a shore by the sea or a quiet lake, the neighborhood of an old tree. It is said that the sea is always a magical place and a huge rock, mountain peaks and springs, caves, ancient, lonely trees. Special places that are exposed to the game of nature, storm, rain, wet fog, falling waters, lightning, crashing thunder and undisturbed silence.

How to find such places? You go in a state of meditation. You move, go back, turn, sit, get up, You are listening inwardly, you are feeling. The eyes are not closed, but they do not look to a certain point. The palms or even the whole body may catch something – a tingling or a delicate warmth. A feeling that seems to come from outside. You may need a while before the pointer of the inner measuring instrument starts.

The right place is characterized by deep peace, stillness, pleasant rest, security. You may sink into deep meditation. A place that nourishes. A feeling of never wanting to leave again – without being held. At the destination of all wishes. There is nothing else to do. That’s where I’m safe, where home is. I have arrived.



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