What is happiness? How can you become happy?

What is happiness? How can you become happy? External circumstances can help us to become happy. But they are neither necessary nor sufficient for happiness. I think you can decide in every single moment whether you are happy or not.



How can you become happy? That’s probably what everyone wants to know.

What is happiness?

Happiness is a state of overwhelming well-being.

One form of happiness happens by chance. Another form is the result of hard work.

Does happiness come from outside?

We look for happiness on the outside, in greater contentment, wealth, fame, success. Above all, we associate happiness with material prosperity.
External circumstances increase the likelihood that I will feel happiness. But external circumstances are neither necessary nor sufficient for happiness.

Maybe money can make me happy. But. When basic needs are satisfied, money becomes less and less important.

When I want something, I can do many things to fulfill this desire. But. When I own this object, the attraction is gone. I own the object – and now? I was hungry and now I’m full. That’s it.

Is there permanent happiness?

Pain and unhappiness are part of life. Everything passes. This is especially true of happiness.

What can be permanent is a certain basic attitude. I can learn to see the good things in life.

Is happiness objective?

Is there such a thing as objective happiness? That is the external view. I see a happy person with a big car, a house, seemingly nice relatives, successful, healthy. But such a person can feel miserable.

Do I have to do something for my happiness?

I don’t know. Sometimes it just happens. But I can definitely do something about it. I can learn happiness like a foreign language. It is an ongoing process that requires time and a willingness to change and reflect, and sometimes a little effort.


Happiness is already here. It shows itself in many small and also big moments. However, I have to recognize it as such.

But my thoughts are almost always in the past or the future. So I don’t realize what is happening now.

All happiness and unhappiness is only in my mind.

Whatever happens – it is just an event.

Is the glass half full or half empty? As we all know, it depends on which side I focus on. I think you can decide in every single moment whether you are happy or not.

What makes me unhappy? I judge: this is good and this is bad. I compare myself with people who seem to be doing better and who seem to be more successful. So there is rejection, envy and dissatisfaction, wishes and expectations that may not be fulfilled. Instead, I could also look at what I have and where I am doing well.


One key to happiness is gratitude. When I am grateful, I can see what good things have happened to me. I no longer take what I have been given for granted.

There is so much to be happy about and grateful for. It doesn’t have to be much. Just that I am alive. Isn’t that a miracle? I have food to eat. Don’t underestimate that. How many people don’t have that at this moment. I have a roof over my head. The sun is shining. I have a good cup of tea, there is a beautiful flower.

I don’t have to be successful, beautiful, have a lot of money, a good husband or a good wife to be happy.

Meditation and happiness

Mindfulness and meditation are often mentioned as a means to happiness. Why?

With mindfulness, I become aware of what is now. This allows me to recognize happy moments.

It is said that our basic state is unconditional happiness. Why do I never feel that? Because my thoughts are somewhere else.

I create happiness and suffering with my thoughts. In meditation, thoughts lose their power. They no longer fill me competely Without thoughts, negative experience and feelings cannot exist.

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