How to begin meditation?

How to begin meditation? Just start. Sit on a chair and become quiet. You stay for ten minutes doing nothing else. That will change your life.

how to begin meditation

Meditate! How to start?

How to start? It’s so easy that I hardly dare to say: just start.

That sounds self-evident. And. It’s so hard to put it into practice. I myself needed some time to begin. There are always reasons not to do it right now.

So: You have to start. Meditate! Sit on a chair or a pillow and meditate.

You can do it right now or in an hour or tomorrow. But if you don’t do it, nothing will happen.

So. You’re sitting on a chair.

What next?

You will stay. Let’s say for ten minutes in the beginning.

That means you don’t look at your phone for ten minutes, you don’t watch TV, you don’t read, you don’t listen to music, you don’t look out of the window, you don’t go to toilet, you don’t go to the kitchen and look what is in the fridge. You just sit on your chair – quiet, silent. 

At first, it might be boring. Don’t look right or left or at the ceiling. Don’t move. And you shouldn’t follow your thoughts. But that may be a little too much. Just stay with you for a few minutes. This may be quite a lot in the beginning and a great adventure and an absolute new experience.

Maybe it’s so frightening that you’ll never do it again. And. Maybe it will be a very important experience.

That’s how it starts and there’s an infinite amount of things to discover. A whole cosmos can open up to you.

The direction of view will change. You will see what is in you and has always been, but you have not noticed.

And there is a second very banal but very important point. You have to keep going. It’s best to meditate daily and perhaps a little longer than ten minutes, but at least every few days or on a certain day of the week.

How to begin meditation? Meditate!


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